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Syracuse University 2015

Dual B.S. Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Artist Memberships 

Attleboro Arts Museum - Attleboro, MA

Fort Point Arts Community - Boston, MA


  • 2021 - Finalist, 8 Visions - Attleboro Arts Museum

  • 2022 - "Best of Show," Black & White - Grosse Pointe Artists Association

  • 2022 - "Award of Excellence," MULTI-PLICITY - Tall Grass Arts Association

Katherine (Kat) Desy

Born in South Windsor, CT

Lives & works in Attleboro, MA


Art and music defined a good portion of my life growing up. I took art classes and played drums, but once I went off to college, I essentially 'forgot' about both activities. After living in California for a few years, I moved back east and spent a few months living in my childhood home. I found some old drumheads and just started drawing on them with Sharpie markers. I had so much fun doing it that I moved the random designs to paper and things took off from there.


The pandemic provided time that I wouldn't have normally had to draw more and explore my signature style. I launched Dink Studio (Dink = Detailed Ink) in 2020 and have enjoyed sharing my work more publicly. I joined the Attleboro Arts Museum and, most recently, the Fort Point Arts Community to accomplish the goal of seeing my work in local galleries that represent incredible New England talent. I post regularly on Instagram, but you can contact me here for questions, commissions, and more. 

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